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Receiving Payments On A Mortgage Note?

Chances are that if you sold real estate and are holding a mortgage note, you have it for one of two reasons. Either you didn’t have much of a choice, or you did it for investment purposes.

You didn’t have much choice.

Offering seller financing may have been the only way to sell the property. Perhaps your market was flooded with “for sale” signs and you needed to advertise “Owner Will Carry” for your property to stand out. Perhaps your best offer ended up being from a buyer that just wasn’t in a position to obtain a bank loan.

Whatever the case, it is very likely that you would have preferred a lump sum of cash. The good news is you still may have options to tap into that cash…with the right information.

You did it for an investment.

Perhaps you are holding a note for investment reasons. We get it. Notes can be a great investment. You have all the benefits of real estate without having to own it. No midnight phone calls about a clogged toilet or a leaking roof.

When you invest in notes you are, essentially, the bank. You collect the money and get a great return in the process (particularly compared to today’s returns with banks).

But, sometimes situations change. What may have been a great investment for you then is money needed today.

Whatever your reasons for having a note… you also have options to sell.

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